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Let's Celebrate Love
Let's Celebrate Love
I went sorting for wedding gowns sometimes last week in the beautiful town of Kubwa...
Abike's Day
Abike's Day
One of the most beautiful things to celebrate in life is birthdays and the most...
10th Anniversary
10th Anniversary
Mummy Alex like we fondly call her came fully prepared with her family to take...
Celebrate Life
Celebrate Life..Birthdays Are Eventful..

They all echoed the happy birthday to her and shouted it as the top of...
We Cherish Birthdays
We Cherish Birthdays
It's rare to find such a wonderful timeline of celebration of life in a family...

No Fear In Love
No Fear In Love
There I sat down and watched this amazing couple exchanged their marital vows, the looked...
Family Is Everything
Family Is Everything
There was a thought in the heart of a good man and he took a...

Let's Celebrate Love..

Sometime ago, as i planned my upcoming wedding, i went on a search for a wedding gown in the beautiful town of Kubwa, near the federal capital territory, Abuja, Nigeria.....

Let's Celebrate Love

I went sorting for wedding gowns sometimes last week in the beautiful town of Kubwa , I was trying out some clothes and hoping it fits to my test when this beautiful lady walked into the bridal showroom with her friend.

She simply exchanged pleasantries and recommended my gown and also asked for something similar too , while she sent her accolades ,she asked we exchanged wears since the gown was more loosen on me , it rather will be more fitting on her compared to me.

We both enjoyed the time , tested more wears until we found something more soothing for each of us, she ordered for snacks and shared amongst all the ladies present at the bridal shop and we had a lot of chats concerning marriage and relationship.

Just before she left we , I needed an urgent information but the bridal attendant was so busy, so Rose shared the information with me on her phone and i was more glad than ever, she left henceforth.

I got home and sent her a message and appreciating her for the gesture she offered much earlier , in bid to repay her I offered her our free photoshoot section for couples and she was so glad to jump at it, we scheduled a date and behold awesome couple came calling.

They came prepared with 2 beautiful outfits and they looked all radiant as they took their turns, indeed these duo knows how to celebrate love and make you so jealous , we were indeed so glad to capture this expression of love for Rose and her fiancé.

So easy to work with, they brought all shades of love along and make their love story so easy to write with so much glitz and bliss, at Ziva media we are at your service to making your moments so beautiful and we at Ziva media wishes them a happy married life ahead.

Abike's Day

Once upon a time, a beautiful, melanated, princess named Abike, celebrated he birthday with her friends, who were princes and princesses from other kingdoms, or isn't that the way stories usually begin? 

Abike's Day

One of the most beautiful things to celebrate in life is birthdays and the most fascinating and intriguing about it is that we only attain a certain year once.

Abike came prepared she was all full of joy as she celebrated her birthday, she was adored in ”Aso oke” with beautiful coral beads and she was looking so magnificent.

We were studio ready for her as she wanted all her props to be fully cultural and ancient, we added colours to the day and came up with something simple but classy.

She took her time to change into both cooperate , casual and traditional wears but indeed we were wowed by this particular attire, blue in color, cultural ready, natural make up and her pose was superb.

It is her birthday and she wasn’t going to trade it with any other distraction, she wanted all the gilts and glamour, she wanted more than just a picture and indeed we came through.

The music played behind and she was all merry, she danced and of course she stole the show, after all its her birthday, she narrated how the year has been for her and why she must celebrate to the fullest.

”Words fail me and I cant express my self as to how God has been very faithful to me and I have every reason to be thankful and am not taking this birthday for granted” She took her time to take her shoots and express her self in pictures, we loved working with her and also we shared in her joy at Ziva Media, our sole aim is to touch lives positively, share every moments and document all the expressions therein.

Abike turned up for her self and she became and idol , she worshiped herself with so much beauty in pictures , she was in so much praise to God and she was all out to express it.

Mummy Alex's 10th Anniversary..

We were there when Mummy Alex and Daddy Alex did their dance to their favorite music which they had in common when they first met, over 10 years ago.

Mummy Alex 10th Anniversary

Mummy Alex like we fondly call her came fully prepared with her family to take their photo section with us on the occasion of her 10th wedding anniversary with her loving husband and grace with their children .

The moments was so adorable as every picture taken was beyond a though and the romance was so easy to capture, these two love birds looked more like young lovers caught in the web of love.

There was a lot to capture and the celebration was so lite that we took time out to celebrate with them on this great occasion , recalling how they met and stared a family, these duo made us laugh so hard and we shared and learnt from their life experiences of love and life, family and challenges.

Love they say has no face , it makes you do so many usual things and keeps you wondering in wonder land, the bliss seems forever , the haze endless, yet true love stands the taste of time and only the strongest lives to tell the stories therein he says.

Their children where not left out in this joyous moments of watching their parents renew their wows before us as they take their pictures , with so much laughter and merry , the cajoled their parents and mimicked  them on how they looked liked when they quarrelled, Oh ! it was festival of laughter at the office, the joy was so real and words couldn’t express how we all felt for them.

Then, madam Oge , spoke so extensively of all the challenges they passed through in this amazing ten years she says” we never knew we did come this far and still hope to remain stronger and better than when we started, she continued, it was so tough that we thought of going our separate ways at a point due to life challenges but Love kept us going regardless of the struggles.

Celebrate Life..Birthdays Are Eventful

Birthdays, especially for children, can be the first moments they get to be themselves with other people, and when they do so, they create magic, the did so at Destiny's birthday

Birthdays are eventful

They all echoed the happy birthday to her and shouted it as the top of their voices and even danced to it as they sang the song to their kid sister Destiny.

The Bello’s all came prepared with beautiful printed shirts all smart and sassy, Desire’s siblings all dressed to grace the occasion in memory of Desire’s one year birthday celebration.

Ziva Media wasn’t left out in this regard as the crew set up to make the studio warm and very cozy for these great folks to wine and create loving memories to recall .

The studio was set, the music blazing, the lights all shining and the fun began, as little as Desire was she was so friendly with the photographers she cooperated at every time her attention was needed and we also enjoyed working with her as she made the work more easier.

There she sat back to take some shoots with her siblings and  parents too. we saw a more vibrant 1 year old girl who has high hopes as to the future and enjoyed every bit of it, we also understand that celebrating life is the best joy that any one can get from his family and that goes to show how much you are being appreciated and loved.

We don’t just capture events, we record memories and share great time, we are only permitted to record amazing moments and create a future that is more blissful with each , destiny danced with so much energy and show cased lots of charisma while she took turns to take all her shots.

Who wouldn’t want to take the glory of having a one year birthday shoot , the memory is evergreen, the joy is so unlimited and the bliss very satisfying, at Ziva Media it gives us great joy to be part of this amazing period to record every bliss that comes there in making your most cherished time very beautiful.

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We Cherish Birthdays

We had three distinct, amiable, joyful people in one family, celebrating their birthdays  all in one month...let's tell you our experience with these beautiful ladies..

We Cherish Birthdays

It’s rare to find such a wonderful timeline of celebration of life in a family at the same time in a month , let alone in the same week and coming from these beautiful family.

We welcome these angles at Ziva media sometimes last week and  the feeling was soothing , we celebrated them, they had fun with us and also we cheered them to dancing to their favourite artist while they took their shoots.

Elizabeth @ 4, a very pretty, dynamic and sassy young woman, who was so keen in expressing her thoughts and always wants to be heard, she energy levels is so high and her charisma so witty, we enjoy how she was so ready at every shoot and the happiness that filled her mind .

There we had this calm and gorgeous Amanda who was excited with so much calculations and precision “the commander ” as she was called and of course she lived the life, very authoritative and alluring as well, we saw a leader in the making and encouraged her to keep excelling in that regard.

Blossom, the tall, beautiful and the friendly bestie as she called by her sisters , she stood so pretty with so much smiles as she coordinated her sisters in taking their shoots, @11 we saw a mother who was ever ready to take the position , accountability and responsibility at the same.

These beauties Lizzy ,Amanda, and Blossom ,were indeed a force to behold and we enjoyed all the vibe they brought through, every mile stone we attain is worthy to be celebrated and we happy to help you create and document these amazing .

At Ziva Media we go all the way to create beautiful moments and make each events very eventful with our clients and we are so customers based in making sure our customers are happier than they came.

No Fear In Love

Chinenye and Eno, looked ready to go all out into the world and calm all storms in their lives, together as one, as they exchanged their marital vows...

No Fear In Love

There I sat down and watched this amazing couple exchanged their marital vows, the looked so glued and nothing was going to come in between them , of course they looked so ready to fight all storms and calm all weather..

We all smiled with them , we clapped and also congratulated them and wished them more in this beautiful sojourn of life called marriage, what more can we add to the list of wishes.

Again, we watched them walked down the aisle and so radiant and heavenly they looked, the angles adored a beautiful union and indeed we cheered them as they walked to sign their registry and document it for a life time.

Chinenye , came prepared , she took to the dancing floor and gave us some few steps like a steeper and we all trilled to the outcome of her charisma , there the hubby Eno swung into actions and wowed us the more and the atmosphere became more charged.

Who doesn’t love the charged atmosphere of bliss and glory happening before our eyes , indeed it was so beautiful to behold, we all danced and cheered along for this wonderful couple that looks so much like royalty.

There we are again, not wanting this time to ever elapse but indeed , when you are having fun , time passes so fast , we enjoined them and wished them well in married life @zivamedia, we are so glued to capturing all your beautiful moments that’s translate for a life time.

We watched them displayed all manners of affection and watching them then you would see beyond fear, as love covers all their challenges and that makes them so powerful, ZIva media is all out to make events so beautiful and so interesting to behold no matter when you come back to view these moments, we go the extra mile to make it so awesome to behold.

Family Is Everything

Once upon a time, two different men, each had a strong desire to take upon themselves, a wife, and start their families....

Family Is Everything

There was a thought in the heart of a good man and he took a great decision that brought about this generation of bliss and here a family is established.

In one hand the Ade’s walked into our studio and asked to see some of our previous works most especially for family photography, we showed them a couple and of course they came prepared and we gave them an amazing time with us and there came a beautiful memory attached , with a very beautiful photo frame to endow their living room to the admiration of all who comes in.

Memories are made with each picture we take , we record each moments for a life time when we take pictures to remind us of events, places, people, relationship and circumstances.

There we had another walk in family with the full squad, so beautiful to behold and so energetic to ignore, the Grace family, held us all glued with their funny traits as we enjoyed all the display of sweet memories.

At ZIva Media, we are committed to helping you create amazing memories that will sweep you off your feet, the joy we share by making you happier, the bliss you gain when accolades are coming in for a job well done.

The Ade’s and Grace’s families came to enact a stage in their lives by documenting a time with loved ones and the bliss will remain evergreen in their hearts and even in generations to come and we are always glad to be part of your lives in this regard.

When it comes to all kinds of photography and effects we are your surest plug to choose and keep beautiful memories alive, documenting your pictures and having something to share with the future and something to make reference to is worth every detail.

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