Personal Studio Sessions
Personal Studio Sessions
Your personal memories made beautiful..
Wedding Events and Sessions
let's help you beautify the memories of the second most important day of your life....
Family Sessions
Family Sessions
Nothing beats family, the moments you share together as time flies, stop time and capture them... beautifully
Graduation Sessions
Achievements, both big and small, should be celebrated, we help you capture the moments of joy at graduations....
Kids Studio Sessions
The Kid's Session
Kids have a beautiful way of bringing joy into the family, help them remember that joy when they get older..
Special Events and Sessions
Special Events
you may be celebrating a special event, like a baby shower, or having a pre-wedding photoshoot....
Friendly Sessions
Friendly Memories
Friends...how many of us have them? they come in all forms, and you need to capture the various stages of your relations ship with them..
Celebrating You Sessions
Celebrating You
You, yes...you! you are been through enough, seen enough, struggled enough, worked hard enough to be where you are today, celebrate it with a photoshoot....

Personal Studio Sessions

View some of the pre-selected and curated personal moments we have created for our clients

Personal Studio Sessions 1 Personal Studio Sessions 2 Personal Studio Sessions 3 Personal Studio Sessions 4 Personal Studio Sessions 5


View some of the pre-selected and curated moments we have created for our clients on the second most important day of most people's lives

Weddings 1
Weddings 2
Weddings 3

Family Sessions

Our moments with family help us remember the how, when and the values we had whilst growing up, see how we help our clients retain these memories

Family Sessions 1
Family Sessions 2
Family Sessions 3
Family Sessions 4
Family Sessions 5
Family Sessions 6


Milestones, achievements, no matter how little it may seem or look to others, help us remember what happens when we make efforts, we help our clients retain these memories in a beautiful way, watch how we did it for a selected few...

Graduations 1
Graduations 2
Graduations 3


Are you need excellent photos or videos?

We are your go to agency for this

Kid's Sessions

Wonderful bundles of joy they are, and for some us parents, they give us hope, why not help them keep these fond memories so they see it when they grow up? see how we have done it for some beautiful kids...

Kid's Sessions 1 Kid's Sessions 2 Kid's Sessions 3 Kid's Sessions 4 Kid's Sessions 5

Special Events

That baby is on the way, celebrate it, it's your birthday! be at your best.... you have just been promoted at work, it may be a good idea to keep these moments in style.... see how we did it for others.

Special Events 1
Special Events 2
Special Events 3

Friendly Memories

Some friends come into your life and never leave, even when times are rough and tough, such friends and their memories you want to keep, let's help you do that....we have done it before

Friendly Memories 1
Friendly Memories 2
Friendly Memories 3

Celebrating You

Nobody knows you better than yourself.... but sometimes you need to be reminded of the power, authenticity, beauty within, that's what we do at Ziva, see how we did it before for others.

Celebrating  You 1 Celebrating  You 2 Celebrating  You 3 Celebrating  You 4 Celebrating  You 5

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